Hi, I’m Anne, nice to meet you!

My whole life I’ve struggled with feeling like I had two sides, the artist and the scientist. It wasn’t until grad school that I found a way to merge the two interests. These days I consider myself an artist and designer and my preferred media are code and textiles.

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Computer Science at American University working in the GameLab. My research focuses on storytelling in games and craft using artificial intelligence to support new methods of gameplay. I am particularly interested in creating systems and interactive experiences that support a new range of storytelling voices that are currently underrepresented in games.

I have a PhD in computer science, with a focus on artificial intelligence in game design. My dissertation work was creating an AI framework that supported dynamic quest and story generation — making it possible for the player’s choices to really matter in the game, and for it to become their story. I also created a social-based RPG to use the framework and test its capabilities.

I have worn many hats in my lifetime including game programmer, game designer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, artist, and instructor. I draw on all of these experiences in my research and my teaching as they often provide a unique perspective to a problem that I or my students might be facing. I love finding ways to make programming accessible and relatable for students of all backgrounds.

I am also an avid quilter. I’ve had my quilts hang in the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles and Towson Art Collective among others. I generally create my own designs and spent a year doing a quilt design a day (QDAD), starting the QDAD Facebook group in the process, which now has over 1000 members. I love that quilts and other hand-crafted items have their own stories to tell. Perhaps they are celebrating a marriage or the birth of a baby, or perhaps it is the creator’s first attempt at doing curved piecing. Every fabric choice and design choice is part of the story the creator is telling. I can’t wait to see what stories I uncover next.

contact me – anne (at) asdesigned.com