Monthly Archives: October 2015

As an introvert, I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed by being part of the quilting community. This quilt is my ode to that community. Although we have our differences, we come together to create spaces of belonging and caring. And through our creations, we transcend our differences […]


  A good friend of mine lost her sweet German Shorthaired Pointer dog. I couldn’t find a pattern for that particular breed of dog, so I created a paper-piecing patternĀ and matched the coloration of her pup. All the fabrics are dotted prints of some kind to pay homage to her […]


This mini-mini quilt was created for a friend who had helped me through a rough time. Originally I did not have thread sketching in mind, but once I thought about adding the lamp post, it had to be done. 4.75″ x 4.75″ (quarter for scale)

Light in the Storm