I finished the Happy Traveller assignment today! Mine ended up going in a direction I hadn’t expected, and turned into Galaxy Girl and her Space Wolf. It’s always a weird feeling (for me anyway) when art takes over and does its own thing. The music pieces are from Moonlight Sonata, and […]

Galaxy Girl and her Space Wolf

Project Perdido (working title) is a visual novel style game made in collaboration with Josh Mccoy and Mike Treanor at American University, and the ETS. The game uses Ensemble for deep social simulation and WebStory for the visual novel engine. The project aims to assess cross-cultural competency in the players interacting with the system. Status: Initial […]

Project Perdido

This quilt is the March 2016 Quilt of the Month for the Modern Quilt Guild. The design is based on a Quilt Design of the Day (QDAD). The inspiration came from city streets after a rain, where the lights of cars and lamps reflect along the puddles of water. The […]

City Lights

Sonder is an early stage project in collaboration with Josh McCoy and Mike Treanor. As role-playing game (RPG) fans, we are all interested in creating an RPG in which the social interactions make a difference in the world. To do this, we are leveraging the work we have done on the […]


Addie’s Patchwork Playground is a grant-funded game being created in collaboration with Christopher Totten at American University. The game is part of a series of games that each study an artist or artists and assets are created in the same style using the same method as the featured artist(s). Addie’s Patchwork Playground looks […]

Addie’s Patchwork Playground

These blocks were created for the BeeSewcial group. January’s inspiration was linear improvisational form. The color direction we were given were deep yellow/golds, light to medium greys, warm whites, and a pop of pink, red, or orange.

Inspired by Cafe Terrace at Night by Van Gogh, the warp is a hand-dyed yarn by Haute Knit Yarns (Signature of the Season), and the weft is by Kismet Fiber Works (Blue Ridge Banjo).

Cafe Terrace

I’m learning mixed media, and this was the warm up exercise. Watercolor crayon, watercolor pens, ink, collage, acrylic paint, paint pen, stamps. Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Warm Up

A Christmas present for a truly inspirational friend. Her motto for 2016 is Dream It & Do It. She is inspired by the ocean, and the colors were chosen based on that. Letters created using the paper-piecing pattern by From Blank Pages. Dimensions: ~17″ x 18″

2016 Motto

I enjoyed how the colors of the weft yarn went through the colors of a sunset into twilight. Afterwards I saw the yarn was titled “Sand painting” which I thought was also fitting.


Christmas gift potholders. These were created for a friend who asked for something “Space Age retro”. The blocks are improv, and the black designs are thread sketched. Dimensions: Each potholder is  ~7″x7″.    

Space Age Potholders

I created this for a Christmas mug rug swap with my local quilt guild. I had a specific idea in mind but couldn’t find a pattern that I liked, so I made my own. Dimensions: 6″ x 7.5″   Pattern Peppermint Bark paper-piecing pattern [pdf]

Peppermint Bark

Loominary is a game being created in collaboration with Josh McCoy, Sarah Hendricks, and Brittany Williams. Loominary is a Twine game with a digitally augmented physical tabletop loom used as the interface for the game. The game follows the Greek myths of Medusa and Oedipus using color-coding to present player options. The […]


This design was based on a pattern I created in the Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) group. As a child, the first thing I would do when I’d receive a new box of crayons is meticulously color sort them. As I grew up I became fascinated with color wheels of […]

Box of Crayons

This Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) pattern was inspired by misty mountains at sunrise. The design plays with value and form, creating balance from the color placement while also playing with the intersection of foreground and background. Quilted by The Quilted Lemon.

Mountain Sunrise

As an introvert, I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed by being part of the quilting community. This quilt is my ode to that community. Although we have our differences, we come together to create spaces of belonging and caring. And through our creations, we transcend our differences […]


  A good friend of mine lost her sweet German Shorthaired Pointer dog. I couldn’t find a pattern for that particular breed of dog, so I created a paper-piecing pattern and matched the coloration of her pup. All the fabrics are dotted prints of some kind to pay homage to her […]


This mini-mini quilt was created for a friend who had helped me through a rough time. Originally I did not have thread sketching in mind, but once I thought about adding the lamp post, it had to be done. 4.75″ x 4.75″ (quarter for scale)

Light in the Storm

Phoenix was created as part of the Quilt Design A Day group. At the time I was intimidated by both designing and piecing with curves. I spent a month creating a curve design every day, and this was one of my favorites. After the month was over I was comfortable […]


Added some much-needed interactivity! You can now specify a color to build the palette around, change the amount each color shows up in the design, and save the design to your hard drive. One more thing to add and then I can move on to having it generate piecing instructions. […]

Equal v 0.2

Details Dimensions: 60″ x 72″ Design: QDAD by me – 21 Mar 14 Fabric: Oakshott centers, random low volume outers, Kona white sashing Binding: Scribble Notes in Charcoal by Carolyn Friedland (+ Oakshott blip) Backing: Crosshatch in Grey (108″) by Carolyn Friedlander Pain levels from cutting into precious Oakshotts: 8 out […]

The Macaron Quilt

Today began the second try at Medallion Week. I like to pick a theme to work from. Because I am likely to be doing a big move soon, that is my focus. My central medallion is based on the friendship circle. I am going to be sad to leave so […]

29 Mar 15