Project Perdido (working title) is a visual novel style game made in collaboration with Josh Mccoy and Mike Treanor at American University, and the ETS. The game uses Ensemble for deep social simulation and WebStory for the visual novel engine. The project aims to assess cross-cultural competency in the players interacting with the system. Status: Initial […]

Project Perdido

Sonder is an early stage project in collaboration with Josh McCoy and Mike Treanor. As role-playing game (RPG) fans, we are all interested in creating an RPG in which the social interactions make a difference in the world. To do this, we are leveraging the work we have done on the […]


Addie’s Patchwork Playground is a grant-funded game being created in collaboration with Christopher Totten at American University. The game is part of a series of games that each study an artist or artists and assets are created in the same style using the same method as the featured artist(s). Addie’s Patchwork Playground looks […]

Addie’s Patchwork Playground

Loominary is a game being created in collaboration with Josh McCoy, Sarah Hendricks, and Brittany Williams. Loominary is a Twine game with a digitally augmented physical tabletop loom used as the interface for the game. The game follows the Greek myths of Medusa and Oedipus using color-coding to present player options. The […]


  Mismanor is a game created for my PhD thesis. The project engages issues of gender-inclusive game design and testing the viability of a particular approach to player-influenced dynamic story and playable quests. Mismanor is a social role-playing game; the player’s main form of interaction is through actions that change the […]