Added some much-needed interactivity! You can now specify a color to build the palette around, change the amount each color shows up in the design, and save the design to your hard drive. One more thing to add and then I can move on to having it generate piecing instructions. […]

Equal v 0.2

Anya is an artificially intelligent designer, creating quilt designs based around the aesthetic of some of my later QDAD designs. Anya uses generated palettes from Color Play. Anya is still under development, but can be played with here.


Equal is an equilateral triangle design generator. In the future, I am planning to add the ability to generate a pattern from the design. The colors are generated from Color Play. You can try out Equal here.  


Color Play is a palette generation tool that uses color theory to choose colors. It creates monochromatic, analogous, complementary, and split complementary color schemes. You can try Color Play here.

Color Play

The Morsafada plant has small pendulous flowers, which generally bloom in late summer to early fall. They are native to the planet Hadu and are prized as decorative plants by its inhabitants.The stamen of the Morsafada plant change color when approached, so they are often planted near dwelling entrances to give a […]

Alien Flora #1 – Morsafada

Palette Builder allows the user to build a palette from any photograph on their computer. By moving the circles, the user can change the colors. Matches to hex, solid fabrics, and thread. Palette Builder is available here.

Palette Builder