This quilt is the March 2016 Quilt of the Month for the Modern Quilt Guild. The design is based on a Quilt Design of the Day (QDAD). The inspiration came from city streets after a rain, where the lights of cars and lamps reflect along the puddles of water. The […]

City Lights

This design was based on a pattern I created in the Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) group. As a child, the first thing I would do when I’d receive a new box of crayons is meticulously color sort them. As I grew up I became fascinated with color wheels of […]

Box of Crayons

This Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) pattern was inspired by misty mountains at sunrise. The design plays with value and form, creating balance from the color placement while also playing with the intersection of foreground and background. Quilted by The Quilted Lemon.

Mountain Sunrise

Phoenix was created as part of the Quilt Design A Day group. At the time I was intimidated by both designing and piecing with curves. I spent a month creating a curve design every day, and this was one of my favorites. After the month was over I was comfortable […]


Details Dimensions: 60″ x 72″ Design: QDAD by me – 21 Mar 14 Fabric: Oakshott centers, random low volume outers, Kona white sashing Binding: Scribble Notes in Charcoal by Carolyn Friedland (+ Oakshott blip) Backing: Crosshatch in Grey (108″) by Carolyn Friedlander Pain levels from cutting into precious Oakshotts: 8 out […]

The Macaron Quilt

Today began the second try at Medallion Week. I like to pick a theme to work from. Because I am likely to be doing a big move soon, that is my focus. My central medallion is based on the friendship circle. I am going to be sad to leave so […]

29 Mar 15