10 Jun 14

The Lunabelle is an incredibly rare flower which has only been seen by a handful of people. It grows only in one small, remote location on Mbizi, well known for its constant and violent state of political unrest and its thick atmosphere which is toxic to 99% of the known sentient beings in the galaxies.

The Lunabelle bloom is crepuscular, blooming at both dawn and dusk, with different appearances depending on the time of day. At dusk (top), the flower has a slight bioluminescence to its petals and dark sepals, while at dawn (bottom) the sepals turn light and the petals become violet colored.

The flower is suspected to have the power of bringing the dead back to life, although very little scientific study has been able to be conducted given the difficulty of acquiring the Lunabelle. The few that have tried have been strangely silent about the results, but rumors have surfaced that there are side effects that are incredibly unpleasant.


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