Nyan Cat Quilt

I created this quilt as a “thank you” present for one of the people on my thesis committee. He has a rather unholy fascination with all things Nyan Cat, so this was an obvious choice as far as I was concerned.

You can read more information about the quilt and the process here.


Size: 48″ x 36″
Pixel size: 1.5″ unfinished (1″ finished)
Number of  pixels: 1728
Colors used: (All Konas) Rainbow: Lipstick, Kumquat, Canary, Clover, Turquoise, Bright Periwinkle.
Pop-Tart: Pomegranate, Medium Pink, Cream.
Nyan Cat: Melon, Medium Grey, Black, White.
Background: Nightfall.




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