Quilt Design A Day

In 2014, I made a pledge to myself that if an opportunity seemed scary, it meant that I cared about it enough that I should say yes to it. In January, I was approached with a request to create a couple of quilt designs; something I had never done before. It seemed awfully scary, so I said yes.

In completing the commissions I found out that designing quilts was really fun, so I decided to try designing a quilt every day for a while, just to see how it would go. I mentioned it on Facebook, and some people joined in. "For a while" turned out to be a year, and the Quilt Design A Day community has grown to over 680 people.

*If you would like to make a quilt based on one of these designs, please contact me for permission. I will very likely say yes, and might even have pattern bits to pass along.

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